What is Grating & Handrail?

Grating & Handrail Malaysia

Grating is a panel used for decks on bridges, walkway and made from different materials while handrail is designed to provide stability and support. According to Wikipedia: 
“A grating is any regularly spaced collection of essentially identical, parallel, elongated elements. Gratings usually consist of a single set of elongated elements, but can consist of two sets. A grating covering a drain can be a collection of iron bars held together by a lighter iron frame. Gratings over drains and air vents are used as filters, to block movement of large particles and to allow movement of small particles.”
“A handrail is a rail that is designed to be grasped by the hand so as to provide stability or support. Handrails are commonly used while ascending or descending stairways and escalators in order to prevent injurious falls. Other applications include bathroom handrails which help to prevent falls on slippery, wet floors and barres, which serve as training aids for ballet dancers. Handrails are typically supported by posts or mounted directly to walls.”